Not so long ago, bought a 10 pack of Ektacolor 160 (2x5 packs) in 120 off ebay for about $33 AUD including shipping since it was so cheap.

It's fresh and expires in 2011 in September.

The box says "New and Improved" in the corner, Ektacolor 160 on the front, film is in a black and gold wrapped with "Kodak Pro 160" written on it, once developed it says "Kodak Pro 160" on the emulsion.

It can be a pita to load onto plastic 120 reels when dry, easier when both reel and film is wet.

I think it has nasty reciprocity when I used it for a colour sky post-sunset with lovely pinks and reds and purples - they came out neutral and blue, the lovely colours were non-existant and was like a bland overcast shot.

Is this Portra or is this it's own emulsion?