The violence that the media portrays as entertainment is uphauling to me. From The Godfather, to Friday 13th, to all the blood guts and gore that movie mogels shovel out each year. Suffice it to say I do not watch such things. That sort of entertainment has warped minds and attitudes of many Americans, and the world as to what reality really is. What did those kids at Columbine call themselves, the trench coat mafia? Decades of such perversions have dulled the senses and turned wanton violence into a joke.

But what about comparing it to people, children who live through and grew up during the Holocost of WWII. Children who watched their parents executed, gassed, rapped by man and dogs, and survived to live and tell about it. Have you ever met and talked to people who experienced such realities? It is very enlightening. They have a quiet, almost stoic aire about them, calm and empathetic. They experienced the true realities of war and violence first hand. Such people are far more well adjusted then those of us who never experienced such horrors first hand, yet grew up with the warped graphic presentetion of voilence at the movies.

I personally do not watch violent movies and I am glad. But can I stomach to watch the realities of people plummetting a hundred storeis, only the have their bodies crushed on impact? Absolutely not! My response is horror, anger, disgust, empathy, understanding, sorrow! These are the proper responses to the true realities of war and violence. To shield reality from people is wrong. Very wrong!

What would you rather your children watch? Professional wrestling, Friday the 13th, Godfather where wanton violence is turned into something to laugh at, be entertained by, like the realities of Roman gladiatorial games? Or would you rather let them watch the realities of what news there is and develope a proper disgust, hatred for violence?