Hi folks. It's my turn again, and this time I looked around for themes that would be common to everyone at this time.

Just seasonal ones are not viable, as it is Autumn here while most of you are on your way to Spring: a bit hard to coordinate...:rolleyes:

After a considerable amount of thought, I'd like to propose we try a theme of "Blessings": those little bits of day to day existence that make it all worthwhile and put a smile in our souls.

You know: the little flower bed in the garden coming up good after all that prep work, the turning of the leaves in Autumn, the view on your daily walk, the morning coffee shop, the kids playing in the park after school, birds catching the morning food, any of those poetic, almost unnoticed, moments that make our existence so much more enjoyable.

Have fun finding and capturing them. I'll try and kick things off soon, still going through the latest batch of film scans.