Hey guys.

I've been struggling with no strap for a fair while now, and with an overseas trip looming, it's time to get off my rear and finally order myself a strap for my Mamiya 645 Pro.

Therein lies the issue. As far as I know, there's only two options. The official strap with 'MAMIYA' all over it, which is a bit too in your face for me, and the Optech strap, which looks vastly too bulky for me. What other options are out there? Is it at all possible to just buy the attaching brackets for the Mamiya strap from anywhere and fit a much more subtle strap to it? The other option I've been considering is a Gordy's strap (http://www.electricedge.com/gordy_s_straps/). He has an image of a Hassy on his double attach point strap, and the Hassy has pretty much the same attaching method. Is this really as precarious as it looks? Anyone here with a 645 or a Hassy and a Gordy's strap out there? I really love the look of them too, and they're nice and subtle/non-bulky which is exactly what I'm after.


Thanks a bunch,