-Wista Field - wooden 4x5 camera
-Nikkor-W 150 5.6 and Shenhao Copal 0# lensboard
-Hoya Polarizer, Red filter, Hood
-7 film holders
-25 sheets of Ilford Fp4 (unopened box) 19 (opened box) ex2011 or later
-cable release
-spirit levels
-x10 loupe

All in very good condition, a great kit to start shooting 4x5. Have to sell due to a major downturn in my current situation. (I can disclose details privately if you really want to know) Basically things are going down faster than I thought.

--Anything you see as a white or grey speck is just external dust

$1150usd shipped express International with tracking
$1232aud shipped express Australia with tracking

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Thank you for looking.