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Wow, how much does one of them set you back?
The M6TTL would be used, unless you can find new old stock, which might be possible. A used M6TTL and new 75mm f:1.4 would go for perhaps US$4,400 to US$4,700, but that's a guess on the used body price, I'm not up on that market. (Anyone feel free to correct me on that if you know better than I.)

Well, he did say "perfect", right? I'm sure the post was at least partly in jest. But it is a beautiful setup, and built to last, and we all would like to see the work you'd get from it.

An R3A and 75mm f:2.5 from Cosina Voigtlander costs about US$900, but not so perfect and about 2 stops slower, and with autoexposure.

Follow Bjorke's advice if you need autofocus, autoexposure, and a price somewhere in the middle. The Contax G2 does have a zoom available, but IIRC, doesn't share the Leica bayonet or thread mounts common to many other rangefinders, so you have 7(?) Contax lenses available, all high quality. It's sort of a hybrid, an interchangeable lens P&S on steroids with fine lenses.