Very little press has been given to Zeiss re-entering the rangefinder field by resurrecting the Ikon trademark. They will market thru Hasselblad a camera body made by my opinion the most beautiful camera that I have ever seen. Introduced with it are the following lensed 15mm 2.8 Distagon, 21mm2.8 Biogon, 25mm 2.8 Biogon, 28mm 2.8 Biogon, 35mm 2.0 Biogon, 50mm 2.8 Planar and 85 2.0 either a Planar or Sonnar I forget which it is.

I have to tell you that a firm of Zeiss's stature bringing out a new FILM ONLY camera and a rangefinder at that is extremely heartening to me. It is Zeiss's intent to offer lenses indisputably superior to all other lenses on the market. The battle between Leica and Zeiss should be very interesting. The MFT charts are provided for some of the lenses and are fabulous. Take a trip over to

You do not have to own product or be a fan of Zeiss's to learn an awful lot obout photo gear and photography. It is a really groovy web site. If you contact them with a technical question about one of their products you will most likely receive an answer from somebody with a doctorate.

I would hazard a guess that the equipment will be voraciously expensive.

Nicole when photographing children in 35mm where ease of precise focus is of the utmost importance to the photographer an optical rtangefinder is almost impossible to beat. Extremely easy to focus and very quiet are they.