somehow looks like my xtol... (maybe I have slighlty less particles). I do use demineralized water and glass bottles. recently bought them new, produced in cleanroom, (-> medicine bottles). Have had the same probs with D-76 and Calbe A49. (Maybe the problem is me...) This time I noticed this fallout only some days after mixing it... So I proceeded as I did with Calbe A49 and D76: Simply ignoring the particles- And in my case it still works well (6 weeks after mixing it). As a precaution I make a check with a small piece of film every time I develop af film
In my case the reason could be, that I do not mix it according Kodaks recommondations, I mix it slightly "stronger", (625/530), and in winter it is not really warm in our flat, but never below 17, so actually this should be no problem.
I am going to watch if it will have any discernable effect on the results, today's negatives look good.