I have the opportunity to buy a nice Nikon EL2 (and AW-1 winder), and I am wondering if this would be a good move. I have owned a couple of FEs and an F3HP, and I must admit that I do miss those cameras.

Anyway, with regard to the EL and EL2, I see folks discussing parts availability and such, and it gives me pause. I wonder, though, if this is fair, as I gather one could raise this issue with any older camera? Thus, is the EL2 a good choice--or is it any worse than choosing any other old design?

I just love the way those old Nikkormats are made. I had an EL-W briefly (I returned it because the meter would not turn off), and it was truly a beautifully made tank of a camera. I know some might suggest an FT body, but I like having the option of a winder (or motor). Anyway, I welcome all opinions on this subject.