I love my EL. It's like a super rugged FE. I also like its added weight over the
FE/FM cameras. I think it makes it easier to hold steady at slower speeds. The
MLU is nice too. And, Another nice thing about the EL/ELW Nikkormats is that
they are the only Nikon bodies that can function in Auto mode with non-AI
lenses (or any lens with a meter coupling prong). That is basically why I've
kept my EL in my Nikon "stable" which also includes an FM, FM2 and FE2.

As for the EL2, the non-AI lens feature wouldn't apply as it is an AI body. Still,
the added ruggedness over the FM/FE makes it attractive. On the other hand,
the FE's interchangeable screens and more reliable motor drive and available
parts would probably win out (for me).