Hi there,
first post on this site, expect there will be many more.
I just bought a LPL7700 Pro. It's a 6x7 condenser enlarger for black and white only. It is meant to have 3 condenser lenses. All three are used for 35mm and only two are used for MF. The one I've purchased second hand is missing the third condenser for 35mm work. If I use the medium format condenser setup with the 50mm lense, is this going to cause uneven density of light across the negative or will it just require longer exposures? If you have this enlarger, how do you use it? Do you move the bulb to the 35mm position and add the third condenser or do you just use MF setup with the 50mm lense? I will be doing both MF and 35mm work.
PS If you have one of these (No.3) condensers and would like to get rid of it, I would be very interested. :-)