Not only in Germany, also here in the Netherlands S/H darkroom equipment is rather cheap at the moment.

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Ditto in the UK. My CPE2 without lift cost me 47 GBP about a year ago with a stack of other stuff (a colour analalyser, about 20 35mm slide trays in boxes, selection of filters - tongs, small trays, accordion bottles; all sorts of stuff...). A broken CPE2 (dead motor) with lift cost me 35 GBP so I swapped the lift over. Admittedly that was cheaper than usual but a quick check shows CPE2s sans lift going for 48 - 74 GBP in the last 3 months - one with lift + assorted bits for 113 GBP. CPAs & CPPs are in the 250 - 300 GBP range but only one of each came up in the last 3 months.