I hate to sell one of the best 35mm cameras ever (including one of the finest metering systems) but I'm moving more and more to medium format.

Camera body, lens and an extra focussing screen (F) are all in fine shape. No dings, mechanical problems, etc.
The meter is bang on, as I used this camera to shoot most of my Kodachrome stash last summer...the few subsequent B&W rolls I shot since are also spot on.

The nice thing about the F4 is you can get matrix metering with non-AF lenses.

The lens is the AF 50mm 1.4 -- clean and works well with the F4's AF (or use the camera's rangefinder to confirm your manual focus.)

Asking $300 for all of it. Paypal is fine if you add the fee, money orders nicer. 3% to APUG of course.