Direct from Beijing, it's a Shen Hao field camera. I don't know the make of this one, since it's not on the camera and the guy I bought it from at the Wukesong Camera Mall in Beijing didn't speak English (or, more precisely, I didn't speak Mandarin).

This just isn't being used...for what I use 4x5 for, a Crown is enough. It was purchased new, and hasn't been used much -- maybe 20 sheets>

Included is 4 Fidelity film holders (work great) and the original spiffy shiny case.

The Schneider has a few spots (?) but do not affect the image (and no, that's not some bullflop I just toss out, they really don't). Shutter speeds are accurate, there are no marks or oil on the blades and both glass surfaces are clean and unmarked.
The ground glass has a few marks on it, from when I fit in a Horseman 6x12 back. I cleaned most of it off, a few MINOR marks remain -- this will not affect anything you do, but for honesty's sake I am mentioning it.
I didn't want to clean further since I don't have the tools to go further and didn't want to potentially damage the surface...someone more knowledgeable than I could polish it completely.

I'll ask US$750 plus shipping -- Canadian orders I'll ask 800 but will pick up the shipping costs.