Well, i'm really pumped now!

Monday morning I made another batch of paper emulsion; same formula as previously made. This time I filtered the sea salt using a buchner funnel and filter flask. I should have mentioned in my other post that i cool my emulsion in a shallow pyrex baking dish as suggested by Mark Osterman.

Tuesday morning i finished it with the digestion stage but added no more ingredients (alcohol, photo flo, and chrome alum in my formula) and chilled it once more in the fridge. I split the batch in half and added finals. I substituted isopropyl alcohol for rum.

gonna use the rum as an internal body lotion

My coating workflow is getting a little better. I modified my blade to hold enough emulsion to coat a strip 6 x 22 in., which is cut from a standard 22 x 30 sheet. That gives me fifteen 5 x 7's (in a perfect world) allowing for a little waste on the edges.

All in all, the coating session went well. Until I decided to add rice starch for a matte finish. The starch made the emulsion so lumpy I couldn't even filter it. Need to work on that I guess. I managed one strip however with starch.

This morning was trimming and testing time.

Wow, wow, wow. I tested the matte version and it looks wonderful. Better contrast, brighter whites, and if it has Fairy Dust (hi Denise), my fairy is really a stingy little B---h.

One interesting observation. As I processed several prints, I noticed the developer is almost completely repelled by the emulsion. In fact I had to hold it under with my fingers until the slight curl disappeared. The effect continued in the citric stop, and plain hypo fix to a lesser degree. I mean, i could see the emulsion was saturated with chems, but it came out of each bath like it was almost dry. After an hour wash in running tap, the water ran off pretty fast. I attribute this to the isopropyl alcohol. Hopefully PE will enlighten me on this, but I think is works great.

When I get a chance I might scan some test prints.