This one is affordable. Something to be said if you've been watching the feeding frenzy on Gleebay lately.

The reason it's affordable is it's beat up. Someone cut in a waterhouse stop and obliterated the original elegant script.

The lens shade is gone. It has a chip (see pics) on the back side of the front group, and a small blotch on the rear most light.

So if you're the type that stresses over whether your lenses are eye candy, look elsewhere. OTOH, on the ground glass I see NO loss of gorgeous contrast, and this is an unfailing performer. It makes great images in spite of the flaws.

It's hard to find petzvals for the smaller sizes as most early portraitists were working with studio cameras on 8X10. This 7 inch just covers 4X5. It will give you lots of swirls with some foliage (hard to find in Tonopah in winter. )

No flange. $265 or make me an offer or a trade I can't refuse.