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I'm glad that your developer is working for you. I am as amazed as you are at the elegance and simplicity of Pat Gainer's developers, and it is with him that the credit lies. These ascorbate developers, in all of their incarnations, are just the tip of Pat's iceberg of ideas and contributions to photography, and darkroom work. His innovations come at a time in the history of the medium when the major research in the field is drying up, and many photographers have lost confidence in the major manufacturers' willingness to continue production of the chemicals and materials that we depend on. Pat has reinforced my instinct to challenge assumptions, and has taught me more about darkroom work than any other single source. For that, I am eternally grateful.


Couldn't agree more, Jay. Gainer is the guru, no question about it. Any tinkering I've done with his formulas is just that, tinkering. In fact, on many of my neg files from the early days of tinkering, before I got around to a simpler nomenclature, I used to record my development info as "Gainer C." So my heirs who will have to wade through volumes of negs are going to wonder what a Gainer C is, but it will be Pat's monument. Those of us without real scientific knowlege of photochemistry are seriously in debt to people like Pat and Richard Koppow and and a few others. And Peter, I'm happy your experiments worked out so well.