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I went to the autoparts store and found Ethylene glycol-can I use this instead of the propyleneglycol?

Regards Peter
Yes, you can use ethylene glycol, Peter, though the propylene is a safer product and doesn't foul the environment.

I'm sticking with isopropyl alcohol (91%) for two reasons: the environmental one and convenience to suit my natural laziness. No heating involved in the mixing process, and it's always available at the drug store.

The purported liability of alcohol--that it doesn't preserve Phenidone as well as the glycols--is a moot point in my case. I mix it in 100 ml batches, which is enough for 25 rolls of 120 film (or the equivalent in sheet film) when used as a one-shot. Actually it is capable of processing more. I have done as many as six rolls of 120 film in one batch of developer, in three runs (two-reel tank) increasing the time by 25% for the second and third runs. The last rolls were as well-developed as the first. The stock will keep its potency for at least 6 months, so I don't worry about whether the glycols will preserve it longer.