R 18 cards not commented on yet, but received by 3 March

Black Dog – A good abstract capture of in and out of focus elements and the placement of the elements in the visual frame works for me. Bold enough to unabashedly print it square.

Birger A The stuffed animals exhibit a nice mix of regularity and randomness. Hats off to you for noticing it, even if it is kind of spooky.

- delicate whites of the pump and subtle texture of the surrounding darker vegetation make this image work very well. By giving each areas something to contrast against.

Roger Bulcock – The lower right dark mass in the image balances the delicate detail of the birch trunk. This time I sense it more a texture thing, while with Nanette’s comments above, I felt it was more of the tone thing.

Those are all the cards that I have accrued to comment on for R18.
There are still a few cards that I have not checked off as received, but, oh well, some will end up here in the future I am sure.