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If I recall correctly, I had a black 80mm, a black 180, and a silver 65. They were ok lenses, but the glass in even my 3.5 tessar rollei was clearly better.
Umm... this is different from my experience. I have 80mm f/2.8 in both silver and black versions, and both are very good lenses. Of course the 75mm for new Mamiya 6 is sharper and more contrasty, but that's a much newer design. (I dislike Xenar on Rolleicord I have. This isn't the smartest thing to say in public because I have one for sale :=)

One thing that's often not mentioned is that Rollei TLRs don't ahve flash shoe. Mamiya TLRs do. Besides a TLR with a flash makes a nice party camera, there is one more use for the flash shoe. Check this out:


Another thing. People often compare TLR v. SLR, but in terms of the shooting style, I think Fujifilm GA-645i and new Mamiya 6 rangefiner are more of the competitors. I really wish Fuji sold GA-645i with silent autofocus and film advance of Konica Hexar and 6x6cm format!