I use Mitsubishi paper from Photo Warehouse, it hasn't any back printing. Of course Kodak and Fuji do. This is an interneg procedure but with a paper negative, so I don't have to fool with C41, and therefore I have a quick process. I balance the filtration for the paper first with a standard negative. Then place some leader from a C41 negative and a diffuser in the light path. I flash the paper, then remove the diffuser and leader and put the slide in the carrier, and expose the paper. I've used full strength developer and developer diluted 1:1. Then after blixing, washing, drying I have the internegative. Contact print it, and process it. I'm still experimenting, but I've had some results that were just as promising as the process using the b&w developer. In fact, I've had some very good results. As I said though, I'm still experimenting. Hoping either I or someone else will make something work well.