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I would view the regard the rangefinder as unparralled for candid or journalistic photography that can be accomplished with very wide thru short telephoto.
So then the rangefinder is nice but specialized equipment that is unbeatable for a narrow field of work and somewhat or very much comprised for all of the rest.
I totally agree. My SLRs are my main workhorse cameras. However, a couple of years ago my photography was in a bit of rut, I needed something different, so I brought a Bessa R2. OK, it's not perfect and it's not as flexible as my SLRs but I do enjoy using it. It's ideal for wide angle to 75mm or 90mm but as Claire says anything longer then you have to use an SLR. The quality of many of the M & L mount lenses is excellent. For my SLRs I'd have to buy Canon L series to reach the quality of my reasonably cheap Voigtlander lenses.

The main thing though is that it's put the fun back into my photography!