For sale is a Cambo Master 4x5 in very good condition.
All items are in good condition. This set is very complete!
I had lot of fun with this one. It's solid, good quality. I'm not sure if in certain parts of the world it is sold as calumet...
I went beyond 4x5, so this one is going.

-Cambo Master Camera 4x5
-Cambo Reflex viewing hood
-Cambo Compendium
-1 cambo lensboard, + 1 own made
-1 cambo -> linhof lensboard adapter to use linhof boards on this cambo
-1 bellow with adjusted cambo legend standard for extendind the bellow extension.
-extra rail

Asking price is 925 euro (ex ship).
On ebay the cambo master is sold around 875 without any accessoires!