Claire wrote, on the subject of the mighty Visoflex:
'Many of the Leitz lenses from 65mm and longer were usable. Diaphram operation was manual. I do not have a clue if the current Leica lenses offer this feature.'

None of the current Leica lenses can be dismantled for use with the Visoflex at infinity focus, to the best of my knowledge (not that that means anything). For the sake of APUG I have tried this with all my Leica lenses, and can confirm that, even after taking them apart, they do not focus on infinity on the Visoflex.


PS Does anyone know how to tell which way round the bits of glass are supposed to go? I'm having a bit of difficulty getting my lenses back together. I found a dead mouse in my Noctilux. That's typical for those trashy Canadian-made lenses though.