You should clarify where you are, because Speedo packs, while they keep on rockin' are alos like a box of rocks when you have to move them.

Also think twice before you say 4800. I have a 2400 and it is more power than I need for a lot of applications short of 4x5 stil life where the maximum dof is required.

You also should say if you want any of the newer offerings where you can dial down the power output, or one of the oldsters who blast full power all the time.

I have actually modified my 2401A to allow me to turn the 1200w/s section into a 200w/s section by disconnecting 5 of the 6 capacitors on each of the positive and negative banks. There are still times when I want less power and parallel and then hide one of the two heads on a section just to bleed the power of the one I am using to light the scene.