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Thanks, guys. . . I was a little surprised to find out it was 220/Eur wired. . . The guy I got it from just got back from Germany where he bought it. . . I got my Beseler while I was living in Italy. . . So I should've known. . . :o

As far as the "if you have to ask, you probably shouldn't try" response. . . you're probably right. . . there are only two things regarding electricity I'm any good at. . . flipping the on/off switch . . . and making two pieces of short pipe into a long one. . . other than that it's "call an electrician". . . .
I actually thought you WERE in the real MOSCOW. Since you are in the US, an external transformer to run a 220 appliance or running a line for a 220 appliance are less than ideal things.

I DID have a USA Omega D power supply open a while back and I'm pretty sure its transformer had both 120 and 220 inputs on the primary, even the box was just wired for USA. So, I suspect the Euro 220 units are using the same transformer that would also have the 120 inputs.

Personally I'd take up the kind offer for a second power supply if its the right one for your enlarger!