I have two 7x7 " lens boards, both well used but they have many miles left. I bought these when I had a camera that supposedly used Deardorff boards, but I'm not sure how you tell They are 7x7 with some edges rounded.

Board 1 - plenty of previous holes filled with putty, darker color, good, rigid, solid condition, just ugly. Opening is 92mm $50 + $5 shipping + paypal fees if applicable, see below

Board 2 - has filled back gouge where someone apparently mounted a packard shutter backwards and hollowed out for the piston, but who really knows. The opening is irregular from 100-105mm approximately. I would guess it was roughly hacked out to hold a universal iris and exactness didn't matter. That's what I used it for and it worked great. Solid and in good usable condition, just ugly (but not as ugly as the other one...). There is a scratch on the front, see photo, but it is a scratch and NOT a crack. $50 + $5 shipping + paypal fees if applicable, see below

I'll take Paypal and USPS money orders. Check is ok if I know you. If you use Paypal, there is an extra $3 in fees that the buyer has to pay. Ebay ID is rpr63501 if you want to check feedback. If you get both, the total shipping will be $5. International ok but shipping is higher.