Hi, all. I just joined up. Ive lived in Hot Springs since May 08, used to write a lot of travel articles for German mags (my native language and a bunch of business connections to Germany) and have switched to books, as I am now officially a Social Security recipient and have the time for longer form texts. Plus, Iäm currently building a darkroom here at my place after thirty darkroomless years.

Jenny and I used to live in the Santa Barbara area in California, but knew for years where we would retire -- that´s the beauty of travel writing. you get to see the country on someone else´s dime. She and I are still (and again) avid photographers: Jenny loves her Fuji digital slr, I use a Minolta Maxxum 9, a Maxxum 7, a Maxxum 9xi and a Hasselblad 500C that has been in the family since 1959. Back then, I´d borrow the Hasselblad from my dad to shoot black and white, and that´s exactly what I am doing again after twelve digital years (yes, the Minolta RD-175 is still here, on the shelf).

So. Just wanted to say hi and thank you guys for a few tips about locations in our state.