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A 190mm (71/2") WOLLENSAK f4.5 Raptar $86..from description sounds like it needs a CLA, but looks good. Any thoughts on this lens..did I end up with a dude [sic] or should it be a good 5x7 lens?
According to Kingslake in A History of the Photographic Lens, the Raptar is one of many lenses which are of the same type construction as the Zeiss Tessar. That family includes many other lenses with familiar names such as Ektar and Xenar. It should be noted that not all lenses carrying the Raptar name are of this design, but the f/4.5 design most likely is.

More information on the Wollensak (and other) lenses can be found at http://www.cameraeccentric.com/ . The 1957 Wollensak catalog shows that the 190mm Raptar (it actually lists the Series II) covers 5x7. You won't have much room for movement, but it should be a good sharp lens. The catalog page also shows that the Alphax #3 shutter was a factory option and that appears to be what you have. For the price you paid, it looks like you did well and with money left over for a CLA.