I have a Gossen Ascor Electronic Flash Meter that I bought new for indoor color work. But after I bought it I decided to concentrate on only B&W landscape work in large format and don't use flash for that. So it has had very little use and like-new appearance, except for very minor tape residue (which could be cleaned off) from labels I had put on it. The labels have been removed. I've not been able to find the instruction manual that came with it, but have found a copy of it on the internet and can provide that in 8.5x11" form. It is an analog meter, and it would need a fresh battery, Mallory M504 15-volt or equivalent. The battery chamber is pristine, no corrosion, because I never store equipment long-term with batteries installed. I'm asking $70 USD including shipping via USPS Priority Mail. Money Order or personal check, and will ship as soon as the money is in hand. To give some idea of the shipping flow time, I'm in the Seattle WA area. PM me if interested. Thanks.