For a while I have pondered a wide angle lens for my RZ67 setup and haven't been able to make up my mind between the 50mm and the 65mm lens. Right away: I intentionally post this here and not in the equipment forum, because I ponder the aesthetic qualities of these lenses as they apply to landscape photography and not their sharpness/bokeh/price or other technical merits.

From what I've seen on flickr, the 50mm lens is frequently used as landscape lens where a pronounced wide angle perspective is desired, whereas the 65mm lens is used to put more stuff in the frame (vs. the normal lens) yet preserve an almost normal perspective. The 50mm lens is often used for frames where a whole subject is included (like a whole building, a whole tree), whereas the 65mm images often show only part of the subject. So judging from their most frequent use in landscape photography these two focal lengths are used very differently despite being relatively close together in terms of focal length.

Am I completely off track here with my conclusions? My goal is making well composed landscape shots where family members are included as small elements (less than 5% of the frame in linear direction) in the frame, sort of like chinese paintings. I've done this with my 110mm lens so far with mixed success and want to go wider to create a little bit more pronounced perspective without overemphasizing it.