I have a Mamiya C330 Pro with 80 & 135, Porro finder, leather case, and compartment case that I have not used in a number of years and I wish to sell it. I enjoyed it when I got it but drifted to 35mm exclusively. It has probably had fewer than 50 rolls of film in it.

It is in great shape except for 1) the light seals in the back are deteriorating. 2) I engraved my drivers license on each lens and body. When I contacted a camera repair center they said it would cost about $60+ to repair. 3) I have never had the shutters checked but have never stored them cocked.

I have no interest in cheating anyone but I would like to sell at the best price I can. Should I sell it as is, repair the back, have the shutters checked? If I post it in the classified area of this forum is it safe to offer a 10 day return option?

I was about to list it on eBay when I discovered this forum.