I have a Kodak EK300, EK 6 and a EK8. I wanted to try each of them out so when I ran into a J-size battery today I immediately bought it. Back home I put it into the EK300 as this one only needs one battery to operate.
A few months ago I bought an EK8 which, to my surprise, still had a filmcasette in it with three films left. So when I put the casette in the EK300 I made a shot. That one didn't work because over exposure when chnaging camera's. Then I tried a second shot. To my surpise a picture came up. Very purple. Sadly the last picture didn't work either. The shot was taken at 16:00 hours and it was really sunny outside

Here are the results:
The camera:

The shot straight out of the camera:

And after a little balck and white conversion:

The good news is is that I have another filmpack from 1983. I will use that one as well and the flash is still working as well. So I will keep you informed.