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Oh heck, John. I was hoping to try bolting the MD-12 to the EL2.

I agree with your assessment, by the way. Indeed, the FE/FM is a much lighter weight package than the EL2.
Mike, feel free to try it. If it'll fit, then, maybe you could have someone modify the EL2 to use the 4-pin terminal for the MD-11/12 and get the shutter to fire with the motor drive's firing button. If you can, then, it'll be a nice package... I wonder, though, if it'd be easier to adapt a MD-3 to the EL2...

Anyway, I attached a pic of my chrome FTn with a MD-12 attached to it. Yes, the motor drive doesn't work on an FT series 'mat, but it sure makes a nice handgrip for use with longer lenses, like the 300f4.5 EDIF AIS Nikkor.