It can. It's just a little more complicated. You have to hold down the DOF preview while taking the shot, just like with an FE, F3, or F4. The good news, is that, if the non-AI lenses are new enough to have an AI ring available, some camera repair shops may still have the correct rings on hand to do the conversion. Or, an AI'd lens can sometimes be had for cheap, if the lens itself is junk, but the ring is still good. With certain non-AI lenses, it is actually possible to turn them into full AI lenses (except for the focusing ring's grip). Did that on two K-series Nikkors. A 50f2 and a 200f4. Bought junker AI lenses, took the aperture rings and the lens mount assemblies, and swapped them onto the K-series lenses. When I was done, the only two telltale signs that the lenses weren't originally AI, were the serial number, and the focusing ring grip. Both lenses had the lens speed sensing post that all factory AI and newer Nikkors come with. Unlike the "AI" 85f1.8 Nikkor that Nikon sold prior to the 85f2 coming out. That lens was just a factory AI'd lens sold as a stopgap measure until they had the 85f2 available.