Jupiter 9 - 85mm f2 LTM
Black, late model Jupiter 9 - 85/2, Great cosmetic condition, bit of paint loss on high areas, glass is beautiful with a couple of cleaning marks (see photo) and a bit of oil on the aperture. Comes with OEM front cap, OEM plastic case, 28/90 Fotodiox LTM-M adapter, M rear cap, and Pentax 49mm clip on hood for Pentax 85mm lens (works and fits perfectly)
$90 plus shipping

Mr. Zhou M case - Black with gray stitching
In EX condition, looks perfect. No scratches or marks. This case has no ASA cutout and will fit M3 (with normal lugs) M4, M6, M7, & MP. Sells for $64 new.
$50 plus shipping

38" Gordy's Strap - Black w/neck pad
In EX condition, has gray wrap and matches the Zhou case. Sells for $40 new.
$28 plus shipping

Assorted filters - All in perfect condition unless marked and included USPS First Class shipping.

62mm Hoya HMC UV - Cased - $20
49mm Hoya HMC UV - Cased - $15
49mm B W R25 Red - Cased - $25

27mm Filters - All $20
Hoya 27mm 25A Red
Kalimar 27mm Polarizer - Bit of separation but don't think it will affect photos
Asanuma 27mm 85A
Kenko 27mm UV
Kalimar 27mm X1 Green

62mm Metal Wide Angle - $5
55mm Metal Tele - $5

Leica ITDOO for 35mm Summaron / 50mm Summicron
Hood is bent but has been straightened, still clamps on fine but a couple of the tabs that clamp on the lens are not functioning. Hood is usable but not perfect, thus the low price. These usually go for over $100.
$25 Shipped First Class

I will be happy to combine shipping, will accept Paypal or Google payment. Please add 3% for Paypal or send it as a "gift" so we can avoid fees. (preferred way of payment)

Please PM with any questions.

Photos Here here