Hi Steve,
I do remember that you sugested this a long time ago. It just went into some dark corner of my mind until a few days ago. Since your experience with screen printing is more recent thane mine, I wonder, could you recommend a couple of mesh counts to start with? PE reccomends a wet thickness of 7 mils. I have been coating close to 9 mils.
My % solids is around 35%, typical of many published emulsion formula.
I have been looking into supplies I'll need to get started. Streched screens in wooden frames are surprisingly cheep. I remember that I was a complete putz at streching mesh using those aluminum frames. So I will buy a couple of pre-stretched wooden framed screens, a 70 durometer squeegee, and some tape. And give it a try.
What you have said about mesh marks is worth being careful about. My interest in silver emulsions is entirely about glass negatives and prints. Someone else can worry about paper and film.