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One simple way to make the dry side is to use kitchen units. Screw them together to make the run. Pull them 9" or so away from the wall. Put a 2x2" batten along the wall at the same height. Screw a 2'6"" to 3' wide counter top to the batten and to the units which ties it all together solidly.

Put stop-valves in the pipes just as they come above the floorboards to allow you to shut the water off if something springs a leak.
I really like the idea of the kitchen units, I had not thought of that, but it's the "batten" thing that I'm unclear about. I think you mean just a 2x2 to mount the couter top to for stability. And the "stop valves", another good idea that I had not thought about. Regarding the fan, I plan on installing a louvered light tight vent in the door so that air can be drawn into the room when the exhaust fan is running.