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Sandy, please post some images when you've given the camera a whirl. I thought about a Noblex before eventually getting a 6x17 camera and settling on a WA lens, but I still have a hankering - must try a camera with a rotating lens.

I am going to spend a few days on a barrier island (http://www.ossabawisland.org/) near Savannah next week (March 16-22) as part of a visiting artist program and plan to do a lot of work with the Noblex, and probably 5X7 as well. The camera should arrive tomorrow and I will have a few days to get used to it prior to the arrival this Friday of a student doing a long four-day workshop with me on carbon printing. I think I am going to really like the format for carbon transfer, and for my style of photography, as I like to eliminate in most cases a lot of the sky from my images.

And it is real nice to hear that the camera has a reputation for sharpness. If sharpness were an addiction I would be on a constant 12-step program!!