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I've happily received a couple more stragglers...

I'm still missing postcards from:

bkalafut, Black Dog, bpaties, Cara, david b, Eric Mac, gordrob, KingJon, Lynda, Marianne, Mick Fagan, rwyoung

If you sent postcards to me in Jan/Feb be aware that I moved from that previous address, and I am still waiting on mail to be forwarded to me (I sent everyone a pm with my new address).

If you still haven't sent your postcards yet, then it would be best to wait until April, when I have a PERMANENT address (for at least 2-4 years this time!) in Japan...
I had three get bounced back by the USPS; I'll see if yours is one. They'll go back out, soon--this is the last time I'll do anything but address cards going overseas myself. Abbreviations "DE" and "CA" for Germany and Canada give postal workers fits.