Greetings Gurus .... and all the rest of you:

I have spent a lot of time trying to create negs (4x5 in PMK) that will print well on grade 2 paper with no manipulation. I also use grade 3 and have some VC paper I also use when thing go awry. I have gathered that some feel that PMK negs should be printed on VC paper as a preference because of the contrast changes due to staining. I have not yet walked down this road. Fiber papers are slower than RC papers and I like not using filters .... BUT ..... I am ready now to think about experimenting a little. I would like to know what the PMK neg - VC paper combo advantage is (from experience,,, I can guess the theory) and is it a first choice and are there situations that make it vastly superior etc. etc. Your comments will be much appreciated - Thanks -- Frank