Hi guys, just discovered the forum. I don't do street photography and I rarely use my old Kodak film camera. However, I have been interested in Street/documentary photography for a long time and have been reading tons of biography and photo books at the library.

Recently, I have discovered Beat Struelli website.

Suprised that his name wasnt on site such as InPublic.
His photo really intrigues me as he has different mindset from the conventional street photography. He employs telephoto lens to isolate himself from the subject and thus making the viewpoint on the subject itself rather than the enviroment. I would assume that he doesnt intend to include narrative view, but rather to express abstract differences between people based on skin colour, clothing and races. I suspect that there would be alot of eyebrow raised here:rolleyes:.

I am no photography critic though, and I have mixed feeling about his pictures. BUT, I am glad to see someone who doesnt adher to specific rule and make photo according to personal technique. I would like to see what do you guys think of him.