I had three get bounced back by the USPS; I'll see if yours is one. They'll go back out, soon--this is the last time I'll do anything but address cards going overseas myself. Abbreviations "DE" and "CA" for Germany and Canada give postal workers fits.

Bennett -- let me know. If so, I think it would be too late to resend it to me here in Canada, it would probably be better to wait a few weeks until I have a new address.

I got my last package of forwarded mail today, and I'm happy to report that two more postcards arrived, which were well worth the wait! Jake, your card is a really lovely portrait of both your sister and your dog, I especially like the dog's expression. I also received a card from Marianne, a moody landscape shot from PEI. I don't know why, but there's something about the river and the clouds that I really like. Thank you both.