For sale is my Pentacon Six TL set. All items have seen light to moderate, but constant, use in the last three and half years I have had them. I will sell the items separately (excepting the 80mm lens and body; they go together) or as a group for a discount.

The camera shutter works fine with accurate speeds. I have had the much reported frame spacing issue and typically just wind a touch more before returning the crank to its resting position. The self timer is nonfunctional, but doesn't affect the rest of the camera. Finally, the leatherette is pealed off on one side and is beginning to do so on the other. The detached piece will come with the camera. Comes with the leather case (very good condition). All other camera function is normal with no abnormalities. Selling with the CZJ 80 lens (stops and focusing smooth, little marks on barrel, glass good). --- $180+shipping

I got the metering prism thinking I would use it constantly, but I honestly didn't use it much. Compared to my Sekonic Studio Dlx and Pentax Spot V, it seems to meter accurately. I did like the eye level view it gave. --- $55+shipping

The CZJ Flektogon 4/50 is a "zebra" model, dating to the 60s or early 70s (I believe). Glass is good, focusing is smooth; stops are just a tad loose (have been since I got change since I acquired it, and I probably use this lens more than most), but they function normally. --- $175+shipping

The Arsat Telear 5.6/250mm is a better than expected Ukraine tele in a P6 mount. I used this lens the least but got very nice results when I did. Comes with case shown. Glass good, with smooth focusing and stops. --- $190+shipping

I will sell the whole kit together for $475+shipping.