Now I took time mainly on developing Emily, WA 4x5 shooter, based on J66 body, almost the same as 110/B, except no Range finder on top, and no front door for rail, so it is a good candidate for wide angle.

All the same back system to Byron, Emily needs new bellows, new front lens plate, and a new top plate. The top plates just arrived, I installed it with two cold shoes, one for view finder, one for a tiny range finder, if uses want to, that one from Voigtlander/Cosina is good I think.

This is the position for about 47mm lens. Avoiding pig snout and helical focus ring which are popular seen on wide angle camera, I want to replace them by bellows and level, to keep it slim and easy to carry. Bellows is easy to me, but the level, that puzzeled me.

If I can successfully made it, then Emily will be a great WA camera for lenses wider than 90mm! Here I come! 47mm, 65mm!