let me say that i have officially been converted to MC110 from MGIV after tonights printing session. i ordered a box of 25 8x10's last week and the first time i used the paper i wasnt too impressed. today when i saw images printed on MGIV, Arista, MC110, variotone, and MGWT, i have to say that MC110 is my favorite nuetral tone paper ive used. sure warmtone has its suits and its beautiful but for 90% of my printing mc110 is magnificent. it has a slight warm tone to it and next to MGIV it has a very nice warm tone to it and makes the MGIV look cold as ice.

on a side note, i was not impressed with the variotone warmtone paper. i printed the same image on all papers and the mc110, MGWT, and arista edu papers all appeared warmer than the VTWT, weird considering mc110 is nuetral and VTWT is warm. any suggestions?