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Noblex is considered one of the best of the swing lense cameras, and you'll probably have a lot of fun with it.
When mechanical cameras sit around a while they need a bit of use to run smoothly, and dust and grit are a issue. If you run into banding you might need a cleaning. just a fact of life with this type of camera. Look forward to seeing your results
The Noblex 6/150 U arrived today, with the slow speed module and Panlux meter. Everything seems to be in real good shape, and working as it should. I will check for banding tomorrow by running a few rolls of film through the camera.

The camera has three positions for focus, #1, #5 and Infinity. With the depth of field of #5 I suspect that I will use that position about 95% of the time. Unfortunately there is no shift, as I rather assumed there would be with this model. I probably would have used shift a lot as I really like to keep good perspective. On the other hand I will be scanning about 100% of the negatives I made with this camera and perspective can easily be corrected in PS, as I already do for all of my MF work with Mamiya 7II and Fuji GW690III.

Sandy King