Lots of good points made in the preceding posts. I guess I'm a contrarian by nature but "unthinkingness" always bothers me and that's what I detect in much of the huge print trend. An example... I'm a member of Finland's oldest kamera club and attend meetings somewhat regularly. Last year the group had a special treat, a presentation given by one of Finland's leading art photographers, a charismatic man who has been producing quite splendid pictures for many years. We had a critique session after his presentation, where he looked at prints we had brought and gave them interesting insight and commentary. At one point he asked us: "Why are they all so small?!" and followed this up with "Big, big, big! Make your prints as big as possible!" I bit my tongue. Really, how ridiculous. Did Verocchio, who trained da Vinci, ever exclaim to his young pupil: "Big, big, big! Make your paintings as big as possible!"