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Maybe someone with experience ordering from Zero Image can help me. I'm interested in ordering the 2000 model but want to go with the zone plate option. However, their order page doesn't seem to have that option listed for any of their cameras, despite what the written descriptions of the cameras indicate. Has anyone had experience ordering a zone plate camera? Do any of their cameras have a pinhole/zone plate combo option? Maybe it's me, but I find their site a bit confusing. Not to mention their Paypal page is in Chinese.
I asked the exact same question and here is his response:

Dear Mark,
Thanks for interesting in our camera. You have to chose either pinhole or zone plate for your camera. If you don't mention anything in the order, we will ship a pinhole version.
If you need a zone plate, send us an email after you place the order or if you order it by CCnow, you have to chose pinhole or zone plate version before your order is completed.

Please feel free to contact me again if you need a further assistance.

Best Regards,
Zernike Au
Zero Image Co.