If you spend just a few dollars more, you can get the deluxe model and get a remote actuated shutter (you know, like with your normal shutter cable extensions) and in the turret you get three pinhole and three zone plate choices. The choices are one for 25mm (one body section), one for 50mm (two body sections) and one for 75mm (three body sections and beyond). I bought this model. I have not regretted it at all. There is only one thing I wish I had at this point and it's not even an option for the Zero Image, and that is a timed shutter for when using the zone plate on a sunny day. Even with ISO 100, I routinely blow out highlights like as in sky and sea since sea reflects an awful lot particularly so for the zone plate halo effect. The halo will wipe out all your highlights if you don't get your shutter speed fast. And that is very difficult to do correctly when you've got a shutter cable in one hand and the other hand is ready to smash it quickly and release. Or using your thumbs pretending you're playing a game of thumbs. Man, I've lost about 15 sheets of Astia now in the last few weekends of shooting. At this point the only thing I can think of would be to get a bunch of ND filters and work out a way to afix them to the front of the camera. Other than the shutter speed on a bright day shooting zone plate problem, I can't think of anything I am dissatisfied about. This is a simple but great camera. And the precision is just top notch!

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I asked the exact same question and here is his response:

Dear Mark,
Thanks for interesting in our camera. You have to chose either pinhole or zone plate for your camera. If you don't mention anything in the order, we will ship a pinhole version.
If you need a zone plate, send us an email after you place the order or if you order it by CCnow, you have to chose pinhole or zone plate version before your order is completed.

Please feel free to contact me again if you need a further assistance.

Best Regards,
Zernike Au
Zero Image Co.